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  • Inform the hospital-based medical team of health, medication and treatment histories of the client

  • Follow the progress of the hospitalization to improve patient/family understanding and communication with
  • the medical team

  • Assist in the post-hospitalization transition to reduce the need for re-hospitalization

  • Facilitate communication to the private physicians and other related providers (therapists, rehab personnel) of the events of the hospitalization



  • Obtain previous medical records to formulate a medical summary for all the physicians on the case

  • Medication review for potential interactions and education to the client about their medicine

  • Accompany the client to his/her doctor appointments to ensure the questions are being asked and that the plan is understood

  • Facilitate communication between all the physicians involved to ensure all members of your team are informed with up-to-date information MORE

  • Educate the client and family on the health issues, care and options available

  • Assist the client/designee to become independent in their care

  • Evaluate needs to make the clients environment safer

  • Coordinate follow-up tests/appointments


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